Zero Citizen NFT Collection

1/1 NFT Artwork

Loading… / 2050 NFTs Minted

Max 5 NFTs Per Transaction
No Max Limit On NFTs Per Wallet

Public: 90 ADA
Whitelist: 85 ADA
OG: 81 ADA
Postcard Holders: 67 ADA for Phase 1 only

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Hero Image


How do I mint an NFT?

To mint an NFT, simply choose the number of NFTs to mint from the drop-down menu, then hit the ‘Buy with NMKR Pay‘ button and follow the instructions in the payment window!

Why Cardano?

First and foremost, Cardano utilising the Proof-of-Stake model was key. In addition to that, the efficient transactions, it’s security, decentralisation, scalability, stability, and peer reviewed security were all major factors in Zero Citizen choosing Cardano to build on. We’re extremely proud to be developing on the Cardano blockchain, and doing our part to help it become an eco-friendly blockchain!

How many NFTs are in the collection?

There are 2,050 NFTs. Whilst the policy will remain open for us to develop the NFTs for future use-cases, we will never add any additional NFTs to the collection.

How can I contribute to Zero Citizen’s reforestation efforts?

For every NFT we sell, we’ll be planting 10 trees through our partner, veritree! With 500 trees already planted by Zero Citizen, over 20,000 more trees will be planted by us upon sell-out of our 2,050 NFT collection!

How many Zero Citizen NFTs can I mint?

Each transaction is limited to 5 NFTs, but there is no limit to the number of transactions you are allowed to carry out – therefore no limit to the total number of NFTs you can purchase!

What is the utility of Zero Citizen NFTs?

Whilst we have designed the NFTs to be collectible pieces that provide a thought-provoking message around climate change, our NFTs are utility-based. Check out our ‘What You’re Purchasing’ doc to learn more!