Net Zero

Accomplishing Net Zero targets will rely on behavioural changes from everyone and requires governments across the globe to work closely with not just organisations, but individuals too. Net Zero cannot be achieved without the support and participation of each and every citizen. We’re here to provide the tools to transform our world and provide a rewards-based system for doing so. Zero Citizen: Rewards for a Net Zero Future.


As the main source of global emissions, the energy sector is fundamental to combatting climate change. Achieving Net Zero emissions requires a complete transformation of the global energy systems and means a huge decline in the use of coal, oil and gas. The global energy sector will need to be based largely on renewable energy technologies like solar and wind, and the electrification of areas previously dominated by fossil fuels such as transport and industry. Bioenergy, that delivers low-emission biofuels and biomethane, provides much cleaner heating and electricity, whilst gasification also provides a much cleaner energy output along with gas bi-products such as hydrogen, making them much more efficient and suitable replacement for waste incinerators.

The Paris Agreement speaks of the vision of fully realizing technology development and transfer for both improving resilience to climate change and reducing GHG emissions. Whilst the UNFCC recognises that by 2030, zero-carbon solutions could be competitive in sectors representing over 70% of global emissions. This highlights the potential for businesses providing zero-carbon solutions to become established and become solution providers that can become replacements for current carbon-emitting products and services. Zero Citizen will strive to highlight and encourage the use of these zero-carbon alternatives by rewarding consumers.