Zero Citizen is the home of rewards for net zero. Building on the Cardano blockchain, Zero Citizen is being developed to support the target of global net zero by 2050, which cannot be achieved without the support of the masses. We’re here to provide the tools and incentives for businesses and citizens to make a difference.

Built on Cardano



Why do we need Net Zero?

The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change, adopted in 2015 was meant to keep the global average temperature “well below 2°C above pre industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C”.

In order to keep temperatures below the 1.5°C target, it is deemed necessary to achieve a global Net Zero emissions output by 2050.

Failure to meet this target will likely lead to an increase in extreme weather events, including record breaking temperatures, and catastrophic droughts and flooding.

Concerningly, the Earth’s average temperature has already increased by appromixately 1.1 above pre industrial levels, according to a 2021 assessment by the IPCC.










Entrepreneur and avid supporter of blockchain & zero-carbon technology. With experience in product development and background in engineering, Ben will lead Zero Citizen in its mission of championing and incentivising a Net Zero future.


With 20+ years experience in Software Engineering and Architecture for the Financial Services Industry, Thomas will develop and lead Zero Citizen’s technology roadmap and strategy to enable our Net Zero ambitions.


Jason has over three decades of experience in high tech business, and is an influential figure in the field of earth observation. This specialism has given him a unique perspective on the impact of climate change and the importance of driving a net zero future.